ASV® is a leading pioneer in the production of specialized lubricants and technical chemicals in India for the MRO industry since 5 decades.

Founded in 1969 with the introduction of Molysulf line of solid film lubricants for tribological applications, today ASV® manufactures a vast range of products for diversified industrial needs as lubrication, cleaning and protection by way of performance oriented and cost benefitting high performance solutions.

ASV® products are engineered to provide long lasting reliable performance during initial startup, production processes, operations and maintenance shutdowns of your equipment and provide dependable and consistent performance under conditions where conventional lubricants fail to perform.


performance oriented

Where applications demand high performance under critical operating conditions of heavy loads, high temperatures, varying speeds and adverse operating environments, dependable and consistent solutions are required.

ASV® products are designed to meet such demanding challenges to ensure smooth operations and production processes besides extending equipment wear life and also enhance productivity and profitability by reducing operational costs and breakdowns.

reduce operating costs

Frequent breakdowns, costly replacements, extended downtime, frequent re-lubrication, product duplication and inventory costs, unproductive wastage of manpower and resources increase your operating and production costs in today's highly competitive markets besides the underlying factor of unreliability of equipment performance and inability of achieving optimum productivity within the existing resources.

mro solutions

effective & cost benefiting

ASV® offers a complete range of specialized lubricants and technical chemicals to help you increase productivity as well as profits by way of providing smooth, heavy duty, high performance lubrication and protection under the toughest of operating conditions without unsolicited breakdown, frequent replacement of costly machine parts while reducing lubricant consumption and increasing maintenance intervals.


Our success is built on the highest standards of product quality and consistency, dependable performance in critical applications and dedicated technical team service all achieved with high performance products, competitive prices, technical support, local availability, short delivery periods and a highly professional research team. To achieve our aims, we will continually improve our products, services and management with the highest levels of dedication and integrity.

premium support

To ease of accessibility and ensure timely deliveries in order to maintain productivity, increase efficiency and reliability of performance of your machinery, ASV has a team of nationwide authorized distributors maintaining adequate stock levels so no single ASV customer can experience delay, solicit unproductive extra down time or carry the burden of extra inventory other than regular stocks levels.