ASV® is a leading pioneer in the production of specialized lubricants and technical chemicals in India for the MRO industry since 5 decades.

ASV® products are engineered to provide long lasting reliable performance during initial startup, production processes, operations and maintenance shutdowns of your equipment and provide dependable and consistent performance under conditions where conventional lubricants fail to perform.

ASV® is an ISO 9001:2005 certified company.

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industrial mro solutions

ASV® offers performance oriented cost benefiting reliable solutions vide vast product ranges which give substantial reduction in maintenance and inventory costs and keep equipment working much smoother, last much longer and perform much better.


Oils with a very high proportion of lubricating solids for assembly and anti seize applications

Anti Friction Coatings

Paint like products containing lubricating solids dispersed in suitable resin carriers


Fluid range of industrial lubricating oils; mineral as well as fully synthetic oil based


For use where satisfactory lubrication performance using conventional products is not achieved

Precision Cleaners

For use on sophisticated equipment for increasing the reliability of equipment performance

Insulating Varnishes

Highly specialized coatings for insulation and protection of electrical equipment

Industrial Degreasers

Non-toxic, industrial strength cleaners / degreasers for the toughest cleaning applications

Corrosion Inhibitors

Highly dependable protective oils, waxes and coatings designed to offer maximum protection

MRO Maintenance

Products for any type of maintenance activity be it scheduled, preventive or corrective

Mold Maintenance

Range of high performance release agents, mold protection coatings and degreasers.

Welding Spatter Release

Separation agents for preventing adherence of spatter to welding surfaces.

Liquid Dye Penetrants

For non-destructive inspection testing of surface flaw.

reduce operating costs

Frequent breakdowns, costly replacements, extended downtime increase your operating and production costs

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Cost Benefitting Solutions

ASV® offers a complete range of specialized lubricants and technical chemicals to help you increase productivity as well as profits by way of providing smooth, heavy duty, high performance lubrication and protection

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dependable and consistent

ASV® products are designed to meet such demanding challenges to ensure smooth operations

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Premium Support

Our technical team has in depth knowledge about ASV® products and is fully trained to work with your engineers not only to provide solutions to existing applications, but to also identify areas where enhanced satisfactory performance can be achieved at lesser costs.

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