Precision Electronic Cleaners

ASV range of cleaners for precision equipment maintenance represent the latest advances in chemical technologies and our formulations include blends of high purity cleaners designed to clean electrical contacts, switches, insulators, printed circuit boards, electrical motors and parts.

Formulated specially for use on sophisticated equipment for increasing the reliability of equipment performance, these fast drying cleaning agents are non-conductive, do not leave any residue and are non-toxic.

ASV precision equipment cleaning agents have very low surface tension and quickly penetrate minute crevices, cracks or pores to clean surfaces and safely rinse off light oils, dust, fingerprints, silicones, oxides, carbon or moisture. They are safe to use on most plastics, metals, rubbers, elastomers and other insulating material and do not contain any CFC's, chlorinated solvents or ODCs and are RoHS compliant.
All ASV precision electronic and electrical equipment cleaners are formulated with non flammable, safe, CO2 propellant.

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