Lubricating pastes and grease pastes are a mixture of carrier oils with a very high proportion of lubricating solids and additives. Solid lubricants as molybdenum disulfide, graphite, PTFE; metals like copper, zinc, nickel and tribo-chemically reactive white lubricating solids as calcium hydroxide, inorganic oxides, phosphates are employed in high proportions ranging above 40% (for lubricating pastes) and between 10-40% for grease-pastes.

Metal surfaces are covered by their oxides that protect the surface during tribological stress (rolling, sliding, oscillatory movements). Their profile reveals this matrix being covered by a work hardened layer underneath the oxide film. The protective oxide film layer of carbon steel is much thicker compared to the high alloyed steel like stainless steel (containing mo, cr, ni) that has a much thinner layer as these elements do not oxidize easily. However, under tribological stress, friction and resultant abrasion damages these oxide layers causing the metal to seize.

Molysulf lubricating pastes & grease pastes from ASV are designed for such extreme applications as they are formulated to perform and react tribo-chemically with metal surfaces to form thin, adhesive, high film strength protective layers of compressed solid lubricants between the contact surfaces thereby eliminating metal-to-metal contact and prevent wear, friction, heat freeze, seizure in particular where high surface pressures, high temperatures, low operational speeds, aggressive and harsh operational conditions exist.




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