Grease is a base fluid thickened with the appropriate thickener and additives. In areas where lubrication by employing a fluid lubricant is not possible, employing a grease type lubricant is convenient and practical. Grease lubrication works by forming a pseudo plastic film over the surface which under shearing force approaches the viscosity nearly that of oil and under reduction regains its thixotropy.

The right lubricating grease makes machinery work smoother, efficiently, noiselessly and most importantly prevents equipment and parts from friction and damage due to premature wear. The right grease can determine the life of machinery as well as productivity.

ASV manufactures an extensive line of industrial lubricating greases based on traditional mineral oils as well as new generation, high tech synthetic base fluids as esters, glycols, synthetic hydrocarbons, PFPEs, silicones and are designed for use under extreme conditions like high temperature, extreme pressure, low and high temperatures, low to high speeds, aggressive and chemical environment.

Our specialized lubricating greases are used in areas where satisfactory lubrication performance using conventional products is not achieved or possible. Available is a complete line of lubricating greases in various consistencies extending to semi fluid grades.




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