Corrosion Inhibitors

ASV range of corrosion inhibitors consist of highly dependable protective oils, waxes and coatings and have been designed to offer maximum protection ranging from short to medium to long term intervals for a variety of metal surfaces from moisture and chemicals during storage, operation or shipment.

Based on the latest in additive technology, our product offerings under corrosion inhibitors are safe, non toxic, easy to use and are free from ingredients such as barium or nitrites and comprise ingredients safe for worker, plant and environment safety.

Removal for most of the grades is easy and can be removed with the help of industrial degreasers where as in some cases the protective film need not be removed as they inherently also possess excellent mild lubrication properties.

Completely free of silicones, our range of corrosion inhibitors will not interfere with pre or post manufacturing or finishing processes and are highly suited for protection and preservation of metal surfaces, components, in-process parts, etc.

ASV range of corrosion inhibitors also include pure zinc metal based cold galvanizing coatings, 100% pure SS 316L based stainless steel sprays and aluminum based heat resistant protective coatings.

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