Anti Friction Coatings

Molysulf anti friction coatings from ASV are paint like products containing lubricating solids and additives dispersed in suitable resin carriers which act as the binder and further diluted with solvents to adjust the viscosity and for ensuring uniform surface coverage.

After application, upon drying they form a paint like slippery film covering the surface and fill in surface imperfections such as roughness and low asperities to form a tough lubricating film for preventing wear due to friction by preventing metal to metal contact.

These anti friction coatings are formulated to either air dry or heat cure and are based on various solid lubricants as Molybdenum Disulfide, Graphite & PTFE selected for their load carrying ability, low friction, high temperature stability, chemical inertness and ability providing long life dry film lubrication without accumulation of any dirt or dust especially for metal parts working in highly abrasive conditions.

For ease of application, some are also available in aerosol spray packs. The bulk versions can be applied by conventional paint application methods.

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